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Protecting Your World

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what do we offer?

We commit ourselves to offering the best in training, technical support, promotional and marketing programs, and we are continuing to grow our ability to support you with our library of information accessible to authorized applicators through our web portal and app development. We offer in house and onsite training, as well as E training to give you the best in hands on instruction.

We also have an extensive video collection in which we show you how to clean and maintain your equipment and give tips and tricks for effective polyurea spraying. We have dedicated trainers with decades of experience who work with you and your crew to prepare them to do professional polyurea applications.All of this we offer without any sort of franchise or franchise fee arrangement.


TRAINING & support

We know that on going support is a major key to your success. Our technical support team and trainers are available 24/7, because we know the not all problems happen at 10am on a non-holiday Tuesday. In fact, our support team is available for troubleshoot, pre-job consultation, and even product determination and methodology selection. We also offer marketing and promotional support.

All in all, ArmorThane is a one stop shop with years of experience and with the technical and industry know how to help your take your polyurea business to the next level.

small investment


A small investment for coating equipment and products will get you started in a new polyurea, polyurethane, and spray foam business or increase the revenue of an existing company. With no franchise fees or royalties, starting a protective coating business or other ArmorThane dealer business is a relatively low cost venture. 

We provide personal training to get your new polyurea or polyurethane system up and going. Plus, we have a dedicated support team ready to assist you anytime you need us. We sell to dealers around the world who use our products for a wide variety of applications. These include everything from truck bed liners to animal habitats.

ArmorThane never charges franchise fees, dealership fees or royalties. You only buy the product quantity, equipment and supplies you need. Therefore, more profit goes back into your business.

Comprehensive training is at the core of ArmorThane's commitment to their dealers. You will not find a company more dedicated to proper training than ArmorThane. We will provide complete training to you and your staff specific to the equipment and products you have chosen. ArmorThane cannot be successful unless you are successful.

ArmorThane offers ongoing technical support that’s just a phone call away. In addition, we are always working on new products and process improvement. We refer inquiries from our advertising and have marketing materials for dealers.

The Dealers Only section of our website has Manuals & Guides, Monthly Specials, Tech Tips, Technical Data Sheets, Newsletter Archives, MSDS, and refresher Training Videos available 24/7.

We have an award winning SEO and graphic design team on staff that is here to assist you with getting your business instant success. Have a project you need help with? Give us a call!


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Learn how hundreds of applicators have made a successful career out of being an ArmorThane applicator.



Top 8 reasons you should become an ArmorThane applicator.



Spray custom coatings to truck bed liners, boat decks, trailers, ATVs, RVs, etc. as a competitive selling feature or aftermarket accessory. Add profit centers to an existing dealership or start a new business. Superior alternative to Rhino Linings, Linex.


Add a profit center or start a new business by coating secondary containment spill prevention, plant floors and warehouse docks, pipelines, above ground tanks and more to prevent leaking, repair cracks, strengthen structures, manage safety and endurance.


Companies improve products during the manufacturing process by industrial spray coating parts before assembly. Others add durability to manufactured products and resell. Great for Styrene and Styrofoam signs, theatrical props, outdoor equipment, kennels.

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